Several thoughts about im list in gimlet.

Today, in iiimf's irc, we discussed about the im list in gimlet.

(12:56:02) federic: Actually the 'Input Method List' of Input method attribute in IIIM spec refers to language available, i am afraid that IIIM protocol should be extended in order to list all IMs for langs, otherwise, all IMs have to be reimplemented as LEs to achive this goal. UNIT LE exports a lot of input method, can we leverage?
(12:59:18) federic: Hideki is right, gimlet should directly use iiimp/iiimcf to get more information, but the question is IIIMCF API should export more useful information in order to either gimlet or other IIIM*CF (client) to leverage and communicate to server.
... ...
(13:15:57) yongx40: While IIIMF server does not manage "Input Method" (the concept in CLE) in IIIM spec. Only if IM is a managed unit in server, IIIMF server could provide the information in IM level, and gimlet could tell how to organize the information. But if the IM interface is defined and officially published, we could find LE interface will be useless. So, I think LE could be consider as a IM, and with the multiple layer API (actually wrappers of LE interface), one LE could
(13:25:12) phill: Yes, if we distinguish LE and IM in the future, then there would be lot of other support thing to do, such as the creation of IM is not same as creation of LE,
(13:25:31) phill: and unload IM would be depend on LE
(13:26:00) phill: and unload LE would cause unload all its IM, etc
(13:27:50) phill: We really should make a LE a IM. Yet one package (LE) conatians multiple IM has it advantege
(13:30:08) phill: , many code could be shared. So it is reasonable to leave the LE's concept, but we could just treat it as a .so file
(13:30:50) phill: and make clear what is IM in the .so file. i.e, we have to distinguish LE and IM.
(13:32:03) phill: Currently, in LEBase class, get_langlist() and get_imdesclist() is seperated. Maybe we could try to make a langlist to every IM in the LE.
(13:35:54) yongsun: In concept, what's a IM has to do to declare itself, it should expose it's IM interface, and declare what language (or locale?) it supports, if it will use common AUX or its own custom AUX ... You could find all the stuffs are just what the LE is currently doing. I totally agree with phill, that one LE <-> one IM.
... ...
(13:39:55) juhp: as to LE vs IM I don't have a strong idea about that - I thought they were the same thing, but I see what you mean

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