Build scim 1.4.6 packages on nevada with SunStudio 11 and CBE 1.6

$ . /opt/jdsbld/bin/ #or
$ source /opt/jdsbld/bin/env.csh
$ mkdir -p ~/packages/SOURCES ~/packages/SPECS

If you like to use your own account rather than gbuild, add the "Software Installation" profile in /etc/user_attr, e.g.,

# echo "yongsun::::type=normal;profiles=Software Installation" \
>> /etc/user_attr
  • Checkout the source code of scim and its IMEs
Repository Module Branch/Tag scim scim_1_4_6
scim-bridge stable-0_4_10
scim-pinyin scim_pinyin_0_5_91
scim-hangul scim_hangul_0_3_1
scim-tables scim_tables_0_5_7
scim-m17n scim_m17n_0_2_2 scim-anthy RELEASE_1_2_3 scim-chewing 0.3.1

Rename the modules to append the version number, and archive them to
tar.gz files, e.g., scim-1.4.6.tar.gz, scim-bridge-0.4.10.tar.gz etc.

Or, download the corresponding tar.gz files directly from, and

Copy them to ~/packages/SOURCES

  • Download the following libraries


Copy them to ~/packages/SOURCES

  • Download the patches and spec files , extract the archive file, and copy them to ~/packages/SOURCES and ~/packages/SPECS separately.
  • Change directory to ~/packages/SPECS, build and install the packages with pkgtool
$ pkgtool build *.spec

Note: Please do NOT install both OSIMscim-anthy and OSIMscim-chewing, there is a bug that both of them register a static type "ScimColorButton", so that the setup GUI modules will fail to initialize.

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