static constructors and symbol bindings in (2)

Rod Evans suggested me NOT to use "-Bdirect" for a C++ library. And thanks a lot to Stephen Clamage (ANSI C++ chairman), taught me to use "-instlib" option of CC. 

$ CC -flags
... ...
-instlib=<library>    Inhibit generation of instances already in <library>
... ...

The option causes the the compiler to scan the named library for template instances (and inline functions generated out of line), then omit generating them in the current .o file. Therefore, by specifying -instlib=./ when building, the instantiated template "std::basic_string<unsigned int> str" would not be linked into So that the cyclic dependencies would not happen.

I added this option in the of, and it worked as expected.

+im_scim_la_CXXFLAGS=@GTK2_CFLAGS@ \
+                   -instlib=$(top_builddir)/src/.libs/

You could refer to [osol-tools-linking] thread for details.

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