Build stardict-3.0.1 on OpenSolaris 2008.05

Before you start the build, make sure you have setup your build environment, you may refer to my blog "Setup Indiana as Developer Desktop for Gnu/Gnome".

Download the source tar file from, and apply the patch,

$ patch -p1 < stardict-3.0.1-on-ss12-patch.diff
$ ./ --prefix=/usr --disable-festival --disable-espeak; make
# make install

The major problem of this porting, is related to my last entry, "Function Pointer as Template Parameter in SunStudio C++".

5 thoughts on “Build stardict-3.0.1 on OpenSolaris 2008.05

  1. Hi! Thanks a lot for this work you have done! With Stardict 3 Indiana becomes better for me:) I have noticed a minor problem - make fails until SUNWgmake is not installed, may be this package should be listed on the "Setup Indiana as Developer Desktop for Gnu/Gnome" page

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