Setup Laconica on SAMP stack

Basically the similar steps as described in Quick Start Guide on Ubuntu 8.04.

  1. Install amp-dev (or webstack packages) on OpenSolaris (or Solaris production release), and install SunStudio and GNU autotools (JDS CBE toolset is recommended).
  2. Download the latest laconica archive file, and extract to apache2/2.2/htdocs, and edit the httpd.conf to enable "AllowOverride All" for htdocs directory.
  3. Edit config.php, setup mysql databases, configure fancy URL, as described in above document.
  4. Download sphinx- and apply this patch for sunstudio C++ compiler, build and install it as following,
  5. $ export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/mysql/bin
    $ ./configure; make; pfexec make install
    $ cd api/libsphinxclient; ./configure LDFLAGS="-lsocket -lnsl"; \
    > make; pfexec make install

  6. Use pecl(1) to install sphinx php extension, while you need export CC to SunStudio, otherwise, it would uses gcc even it's not in your $PATH. (Thanks to Sriram Natarajan for this tip, I used to download and build it manually.)
  7. $ export CC=/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc
    $ pecl install sphinx

  8. Enable DNS and set it prior to NIS, otherwise email validation would fail.

7 thoughts on “Setup Laconica on SAMP stack

  1. Jyri, thanks so much for the hinting, just updated my post. And actually I installed webstack (1.4-b06) but logged with a wrong name :$

  2. Sriram, it's probably OK to use gcc in this case, since gcc has compatible ABI with SunStudio C compiler, while, I think the performance of SunStudio compilers is much better on SPARC. And once an extension module links to a C++ library compiled by SunStudio, we would have to use SunStudio then.

  3. Sweet!!!! I never would have gotten libsphinxclient to compile without your help! thanks a bunch! If you ever have a laconica question just sent it my way, im on @foucault 😀

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