I'm leaving Sun ...

It's the hardest decision I ever made, that I'm leaving Sun, tomorrow is my last working day. It's the best ~6 years in my life and career, I really enjoyed working in such a great company, and with you guys, the most talented people. Thanks for your great supports and help for the years.

I will continue to contribute to oso-inputmethod and SunPinyin project as much as I can, as I can not stop my love of SunPinyin. :)

As you may have seen, I'd setup a new blog at http://yongsun.me,  keep in touch ...

EMAIL: mail@yongsun.me
GTALK: findsun@gmail.com
MSN: findsun@hotmail.com
FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/sunyong
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/yongsun

14 thoughts on “I'm leaving Sun ...

  1. Hate to see you go, but looks like this is an inevitable moving-forward. . . we are all very sure that with your talent, enthusiasm, and your hard-working manner, you will do very well in any new career you choose to pursue.

    Keep in touch!


    ps: any chance of porting SunPinYin to Ubuntu?

  2. I've been a silent reader of your blog (diving water). I understand that It's very hard to leave Sun. Good luck.

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