My name is Yong Sun, a software engineer in Beijing, China. I love coding, and my favorite programming languages are C/C++, Python, and I have some programming experiences of Java, Objective-C/Cocoa, Ruby, Perl, and shell. I had been working on Linux/Unix about 10 years.

I'm one of the lead contributors of SunPinyin project, which is a statistical language model based Chinese input method. SunPinyin had been ported to various input method frameworks or operating systems. On developing SunPinyin, I studied some NLP knowledge, like n-gram modeling, VMM/HMM, MaxEnt and CRF etc, in which I really have interests.

My biggest strength, as well as my biggest weakness, is probably that I have too much interests, even in my personal life. I love taking photos, especially for my son, you could visit my album on flickr. I'm an Apple fans, that's also the reason pushing me to port SunPinyin onto Mac OS 🙂 And I like singing, most sports ...

That's me, welcome visiting 🙂


  • Strong leadership, take risks, initiatives and ownership, drive goals to accomplishments
  • Good communication skill and teamwork
  • Strong experiences in C/C++/Python development, and OOA&D, familiar with UML
  • Extensive development experience in Xlib, Gtk/Gnome and Linux/Unix programming
  • Familiar with statistical NLP (natural language processing), N-Gram modeling, HMM, MaxEnt, CRF
  • Familiar with Leopard/IMKit framework, experience in objective-C and Cocoa
  • Familiar with web development, JSP/Servlet, Struts, HTML, XML/DOM, JavaScript
  • Essential knowledge about OS kernel and subsystems

Working Experiences:

  • 2010/10--~: Oracle China Research & Development Center
    • -Team lead of Solaris Asian G11n Center Beijing team
  • 2009/08--2010/10: Thomson Reuters, China
    • - Principal Software Engineer
  • 2003/10--2009/08: Sun Microsystems, China ERI
    • - Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead in Globalization Beijing Engineering Group
    • - Core member of GTO (Globalization Technology Officer)
    • - Licensee of ARC (Architecture Review Committee) within Sun Software BU
    • - Lead engineer of OpenSolaris/input-method project
    • - Represented Sun to participate CJK input method SPI standard development
  • 2003/05--2003/10: Siemens Ltd. China ICM MP R&D
    • - Software Engineer in APO Team
    • - APO-DBMS (Address Book, Phone Book, Organizer)
  • 2000/07--2003/04: RedFlag Linux Co., Ltd., Beijing
    • - Software Engineer and Team Lead in Embedded Product Team
    • - Embedded GUI system Analysis and Improvement
    • - Embedded Browser Analysis, Design and Porting
  • 1998/07--2000/06: IBM Lab in TianJin University
    • - Intern for software project development
    • - Virtual Reality Education
    • - Streaming Media Transferring

5 thoughts on “About

  1. 请问如果我自己用比如说srilm等工具训练了一个lm,要怎样才能把它转换成sunpinyin的lm格式?

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