SCIM and UIM packages for Solaris Nevada (or SDX) are available on OS.o

The scim-1.4.6 and uim-1.4.1 packages for Solaris nevada (or Solaris Developer Express) x86 are available on Input Method project.

Download the following archives from


Extract the archived files, then install the packages:

$ for i in `ls *.bz2`; do bzcat $i | tar xvf -; done
# pkgadd -d . OSIM*

To use scim or uim, for gnome applications, in the text edit area, right click your mouse, and from the popup context menu, slip your pointer to "Input Methods", and select "SCIM Input Method" or "uim". However, in this way, after you application is closed, the scim daemons also exit, and starting scim daemons really requires some time.

To enable scim as the default IM service, modify the im startup script for you login locale, e.g., for zh_CN.UTF-8,
/usr/openwin/lib/locale/zh_CN.UTF-8/imsscript/S505multi (it's actually a symbol link to common/imsscript/S505multi, and all UTF-8 locale use the same file). Then apply the following patch

--- S505multi.orig      Mon Jun 25 09:39:35 2007
+++ S505multi           Mon Jun 25 09:40:04 2007
@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
# Start iiimx for each desktop.
if [ -x /usr/bin/iiimx ]; then
-    GTK_IM_MODULE=iiim
+    GTK_IM_MODULE=scim
-    /usr/bin/iiimx -iiimd
+    /usr/bin/scim -d

Then re-login your desktop session.


currently, the XIM client does not work well with scim XIM front-end. And firefox/thunderbird would start another panel instance with scim im module, therefore I recommend you to use the scim-bridge im module. If you want to use uim, I'd recommend you to start uim-toolbar-gtk (or uim-toolbar-gtk-systray) to show the current IME status, add it to the "Startup Programs" by gnome-session-properties.

Here are some screenshots:

Build uim-1.4.1 packages on nevada with SunStudio 11 and CBE 1.6

  • Download the patches and spec files , extract the archive file, and copy them to ~/packages/SOURCES and ~/packages/SPECS separately.
  • Change directory to ~/packages/SPECS, build and install the packages with pkgtool
$ pkgtool build *.spec

Build uim 1.4.1 on nevada with SunStudio 11

$ patch -p1 < uim-1.4.1-on-nv-ss11-patch.diff
$ autoconf; automake
$ export CFLAGS="-R/usr/openwin/lib -L/usr/openwin/lib -lX11"
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr
$ make
# make install

I will try to build solaris packages, and deliver to our input-method OS.o project.