Configure xchat-aqua to notify you on hightlight words

Unlike the X-Chat on X11, by default, X-Chat Aqua (v0.16.0) does not notify you when somebody talks to you, or your interested keywords are mentioned in the chat. To enable it, in [Preferences]->[Chatting]->[Events/Sounds]:

Sound File G B S
Channel Msg Hilight any.aiff - -
Private Message any.aiff - -
Private Message to Dialog any.aiff - -

Another tip, you could enable "Tab-key completion", in [Preferences]->[Interface]->[Input box], so that you could use 'tab' key to complete the nickname.

Build xchat 2.8.2 on Solaris nevada with SunStudio 11

I don't know why JDS does not ship xchat, so that I don't need to build by myself 🙁 

To build xchat 2.8.2 on Solaris nevada (build 62) with SunStudio 11, please download and install SunStudio 11 as well as CBE 1.6,

1. Download the source tar file from, and apply the patch,
2. $ ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-dbus
3. $ make, # make install